How to sow melon

How to sow melon

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How to sow melon:instructions onsowing of melon, the care to be given to the plant and its cultivation. From sowing to harvest.

When to sow melon

If you wantsow melon, you can do it in the open field between late spring and early summer. You can continue tosow melonin midsummer or in autumn, as long as you organize the cultivation in boxes to be moved in a protected environment with the arrival of the first autumn cold.

Themelonyou cansowwhen temperatures are permanently above 15 ° C.

How to sow melon

The right terrain for thesowing of melonit must be soft and well sieved, of medium texture. The ideal pH should be around 6, with a subacid reaction.

How tosow melon?

  1. Prepare the seedbed with soft, medium-textured soil.
  2. Do a good rake.
  3. Prepare some holes and, for each one, put up to 3 - 5 seeds, and then, later on you will make a selection by eliminating the less vigorous plants.
  4. Place each seed, in the ground, with the apex facing down.
  5. Gently irrigate the soil.

From sowing, depending on the temperature, you will have to wait several weeks before seeing a complete development of the plant.

Melon seeds: varieties

Different are shown in the image abovevarieties of melon:from theyellow melonto classic melon, fromnetted melonwith white melon. Do not miss the Torpedo Piel de Sapo variety and the late melon (melon with green rind).

For the purchase and other information on thesowingof the varieties shown in the photo above, I invite you to visit the Amazon page of “Semillas Battle“.

The netted melon is characterized by the extremely sweet flavor of the pulp.

How to plant melon

Whether you bought the melon plants already developed or you ran onesowingin a protected environment, you can provide for thetransplant. How to plant melon?

It is performed by placing the plants in the ground at a distance of about 80 cm from each other and 150 cm between the rows. Keep these distances in mind both if you go to sow the open ground, and in the choice of dimension of the container in case of cultivation of melon in pots.

Melons: plant care

After planting, you will need to water sporadically and only in case of protracted drought. In fact, themelonit is a plant that needs water especially in the period from flowering to fruit swelling. So the irrigations will have to concentrate in this interval.

During the ripening of the fruit, avoid giving too much water: excessive irrigation will worsen the taste of the fruit.

When watering, avoid wetting the leaves, stems and fruits but only give the water to the ground.

Topping of melons

Let iyellow melonsthan othersvarietyof melon, they need thetopping. Theretopping of melonsallows to stop the indeterminate development of plants. In this way, the plant will concentrate its energy on growing fruit.

Remember that only one flower out of ten will lead to the development of a fruit: the melon, in fact, makes its own selection and tries to ration, on its own, the energy of the plant…. but in reality, the merit is not of the melons themselves but of the fertilization carried out by insects.

Melon plants bear female flowers and male flowers. The flowers open early in the morning and insects such as bees and bumblebees must fertilize in the first two or three days of the flower's life.

The topping will help the plant to ripen several fruit with good size (larger).

How to topping melons?
The topping is done in three or four cuts.

  • The first cut is made over the first two leaves.
  • The second and third cuts are made above the third leaf of the lateral shoot.
  • The fourth cut must be made after the second leaf that follows the formation of the fruit chosen to be brought to maturity.

More information on the care to be devoted to this plant is available with our guide: how to grow melon

How many melons does a plant produce?

This depends on the variety. Typically, each melon plant produces two to four fruits.

How to sow melons in winter

If you have a heated greenhouse, you cansow melon in autumn or winter. The melons that you find on the market during the Christmas period are actually melons grown in the summer or of foreign origin.

In the peasant tradition, there are melons called "winter melons". These varieties are particularly suitable for storage for long periods. For all the information, I refer you to the page: storing melon for the winter.

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