Chromium: properties and benefits

Chromium: properties and benefits

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The chrome contained in some foods that we will soon see, is good for you, there are also very powerful chromium supplements that bring benefits to our body, but we must remember to make a passage with our family doctor before "supplementing" by taking it through drugs, for example, because it is not always the mineral that is right for us.


It is a metal, shiny, silver-gray color it's very hard. Here we talk about it in terms of mineral salt, one of the most precious ones for our health, soon we will see the reasons, When let's take chromium, through a food or a supplement, it is absorbed and then transported from albumin and transferrin. As for its elimination, it takes place via the kidneys and partly through sweat, bile and hair.

Hexavalent chromium

When we talk about hexavalent, things started to change. This type of chromium is used industrially, for example for the production of paints or stainless alloys, it can become toxic for people. It is chromium bound to other compounds which, for this very reason, assumes the chemical formula “hexavalent". The consequences are quite bad, In the presence of hexavalent C, dermatitis, skin ulcers, nosebleeds and breathing problems, immune system deficiency, can occur. liver damage and even bronchial cancer. Perhaps you will also hear about the trivalent, let's not get confused because we have nothing to fear about this.

Chrome: symbol

Chromium is the chemical element with atomic number 24. Its symbol is Cr.

Chromium: benefits

Let's finally see why chromium is a precious mineral salt. First of all, insulin has the task of regulating it, which is, as many know, a fundamental hormone in our body which is responsible for a number of functions including a certain type of influence on the control of fats and glucose. In a certain sense, we can therefore say that chromium is indirectly involved in the reduction of insulin resistance. Can also lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

It is also often said that the chrome make you lose weight. It is not so immediate but it is not entirely false to say this. This mineral salt it acts directly on the metabolism so it can help us lose weight. At the same time it has the potential to strengthen muscle mass and reduce fat mass, also helping to burn calories. All this leads us to say that we are facing a valid ally for those people who want to lose weight or keep fit if they already are.

We also find chromium on the table of those who suffer from metabolic syndrome and dyslipidemia for similar reasons and also on that of women who are in menopause. In this case, it is often recommended as a mineral salt because its levels decrease with advancing age, at most it can benefit the metabolism is prevention for diabetes.

Chromium: supplement

Chromium is not absent in nature and we find it in various foods that we can eat on a daily basis, but it can help every now and then a supplement. It also depends on how much we need it and this is an assessment that the doctor can do, not us. Let's start to see what foods there is chromium: meat, cheeses, hazelnuts, egg yolk, brewer's yeast, mushrooms, whole grains and pepper.

It is also present in many vegetables, such as broccoli, asparagus, beetroot, seafood, potatoes, thyme, plums, beer and onion. Since only a small part of this micronutrient is assimilated through food, it is often necessary to resort to supplements, there are several on the market and can be found in pharmacies without any problems. Better to inquire about your own chromium levels, because in a condition of insufficiency there would be a strong intolerance to insulin-resistant glucose. Other problems that could emerge are hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis.

Symptoms of chromium deficiency? The sensation continuous tiredness and fatigue, weight loss or sudden accumulation, high levels of stress and unexpected mood swings.

Chrome: when I wake up

Generally sold in the form of tablets or ampoules this mineral can be taken once a day, in the morning, remembering that in case of diabetes, hypoglycemia and pregnant women it is forbidden to take. The recommended doses vary with age, over 7 years, for adolescents and adults: from 0.05 to 0.20 mg.

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