Vacuum storage

Vacuum storage

Therevacuum conservationit is a technique that can be used at home using special tools. Yes they cankeep vacuum packedraw and cooked foods. The duration of the vacuum packed food (raw or cooked) increases both when packed in the fridge and when placed in the freezer.

Therevacuum conservationconsists in eliminating oxygen from the bag so as to reduce oxidation and deterioration of raw or cooked food. With the cheapest domestic instruments, the created "vacuum" does not reach 100%, therefore an absolute vacuum is not reached and a minimum presence of oxygen remains in the bag. This minimal presence can be completely eliminated by purchasing more professional vacuum tools.

Vacuum storage

This preservation technique consists in eliminating the air from fresh or cooked foods that are stored in special bags or containers. In this way the shelf life increases from 2 to 5 times.

In the absence of oxygen, the food lasts longer because it prevents:

  • Organic decay
  • Oxidation
  • The proliferation of aerobic bacteria

Once the vacuum packed foodit can be stored in the refrigerator or placed in the freezer. Freezing vacuum packed foods have three advantages:

  • The organoleptic properties of the food are preserved
  • Freeze burns are avoided
  • The duration of the food is increased by postponing "the expiry date"

We talk aboutvacuum packed food tablereferring to the duration of each single vacuum-packed food. Let's try to understand how much the duration of vacuum packed foods increases by proposing an essential table.

Vacuum food storage table

Fresh vacuum-packed meat maintains its characteristics completely unaltered for 6-7 days. Not bad if you are generally asked to consume the meat within 2 days of cutting.

Vacuum-packed fresh fish lasts, vacuum-packed in the fridge, 5-6 days. In the case of fish, you are asked to consume it, ideally, within a day!

Vacuum-packed bread stays soft and fresh for 7 - 8 days.

Fresh cheeses can be stored for a couple of weeks.

Vacuum-packed semi-aged cheeses can be stored for 2 months.

Vacuum-packed aged cheeses can last up to 6 months.

Vacuum-packed cured meats last up to 6 months in the fridge if whole, while if already sliced, it is recommended to consume them within 4 months.

Vacuum-sealed cooked food

If thetablerefers to raw foods, know that you can also vacuum-packcooked foods. The preservation of vacuum-cooked foods has the same advantages and adds another: you can cook your dishes in advance and preserve their goodness with the vacuum!

This technique is now used in most restaurants that cook elaborate recipes and keep them vacuum sealed until the moment a diner orders that particular dish!

Of course, at the restaurant they have other tools that assist with vacuum packing. I am referring to the blast chillers, which are essential in order to preserve the goodness of a cooked food intact to be vacuum packed.

At home you can take advantage of thevacuum conservationgodscooked foodsto avoid waste and set aside already cooked dishes without having to throw them away.

Vacuum storage appliances

Several times I have told you aboutvacuum packing machines: these appliances absorb little electricity by sucking the air away from the food placed in a special bag. This means that, after buying this appliance, you will be bound to purchase the vacuum bags that can only be used once.

Among the various machines, this time I want to point out one that falls within the intermediate price range. This is the “Elite 300 Plus” automatic vacuum machine. This machine absorbs only 140 W of energy and the vacuum chamber is equipped with a liquid stop tray that can be removed and washed in the dishwasher.

This machine for thevacuum conservationit has compact dimensions: it measures 38.7 x 9.6 x 11.5 cm, it can be stored well and comfortably in any drawer.

This machine is quite common: it is easily found in specialized appliance stores at a price of around 100 euros. On Amazon it is offered on offer at a price of 83.99 euros with free shipping costs. For all product info and user reviews, I invite you to visit the Amazon page: Elite 300 Plus.

Professional vacuum sealers

If you are planning your new kitchen, you need to know that they existbuilt-in vacuum machines. These are real household appliances to be compared to the oven or microwave!

How much space do they take up? It depends on the model chosen. The most practical format is about 15 cm high, with a standard width of 60 cm. It looks like a drawer that can be stored under the oven.How much does a professional vacuum sealer cost?Even if built-in, these machines cannot be defined professional because they have limits of use such as space and quantity processed.

The cost depends a lot on the model. To give you an idea, I am bringing you the EVS 6214 vacuum drawer by Miele, with Touch panel, you can buy it at a price of € 2,800.

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