Phrases about the universe

Phrases about the universe

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Since it cannot be measured and visited all, then we talk about it so much hoping that with words we can fill the vacuum of knowledge that still exists. That may be why there are so many around the world phrases about the universe? In my opinion, yes. Human beings often and willingly try to fill the void with words and even in this case there is a void to fill, we are still exploring space, many answers and many new means have arrived over the years, but in the meantime there are also new questions. It is a run-up, it is an endless and decidedly exciting search, don't you think? Now let's see a few sentences about the universe and space, waiting for the next discovery to fantasize about.

Phrases about the universe

There are men who more than others can afford to utter sentences about the universe, one of them is certainly the great one Stephen Hawking.

Look at the stars and not your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and ask yourself why the universe exists. Be curious. (Stephen Hawking)

In our galaxy there are four hundred billion stars, and in the universe there are more than one hundred billion galaxies. Thinking that you are unique is very unlikely. (Daisy Hack)

In every century, human beings have thought they have definitively understood the Universe and, in every century, it has been understood that they were wrong. From this it follows that the only certain thing we can say today about our current knowledge is that they are wrong. (Isaac Asimov)

The universe embarrasses me and I cannot think that this watch does not have its own watchmaker. (Voltaire)

The whole universe conspires so that those who want it with all of themselves can be able to realize their dreams. (Paulo Coelho)

Phrases about the sad universe

The immensity can cause curiosity but also a bit of sadness: looking at the universe, one feels small, sometimes alone, one can be afraid or feel a strong sense of loss. How do you feel thinking about the space that surrounds us? Let's see how some well-known authors felt.

If we were alone, the immensity would really be a waste. (Isaac Asimov)
There are two possibilities: either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying. (Arthur Charles Clarke)

We are the local incarnation of a Cosmos that has grown to self-awareness. We have begun to understand our origin: we are stellar matter meditating on the stars. (Carl Sagan)

There is no classification of the universe that is not arbitrary and conjectural. The reason is very simple: we don't know what the universe is. (Jorge Luis Borges)

In the skies admirable visions can shine forth, the galaxy can burn with the dazzling lights of exploded stars, but man continues to go about his business with sublime indifference. (Arthur Charles Clarke)

Whenever a man dies, it is an entire universe that is destroyed. We realize this as soon as we identify with that man. (Karl Popper)

Funny quotes about the universe

There are those who feel sad but try to play down, making fun of the idea of ​​the universe and the relationship between men and space. If you want to go from sadness to hilarity, read here.

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. (Albert Einstein)

The clearest proof that there are other intelligent life forms in the universe is that none of them have ever tried to contact us. (Bill Watterson)

The universe is full of magical objects that wait patiently for our wits to better define themselves. (Eden Phillpotts)

Perhaps our universe is inside the tooth of some giant. (Anton Chekhov)

It is very singular that all nature, all planets, must obey eternal laws and that there may be a small animal, five feet tall, which in spite of these laws can act as it pleases, following only its whim. (Voltaire)

If the universe has a more important purpose than getting the woman you love to bed and having a baby with her enthusiastic collaboration, I never knew. (Robert Anson Heinlein)

I don't pretend to understand the universe: it is a lot bigger than me. (Tom Stoppard)

Phrases about the universe in English

Let's now hear some authors who usually speak in English to understand if there is classic English humor in their sentences about the universe, or not.

If the universe expands, why am I never able to find a parking space? (Woody Allen)

She wasn't doing anything I could see, except standing there leaning against the balcony rail, holding the universe together. (J.D. Salinger)

I am amazed by people who want to 'get to know' the Universe, when it is already difficult to find their way around Chinatown.(Woody Allen)

We are an impossibility in an impossible universe. (Ray Bradbury)

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