Sprouter: how to use it

Sprouter: how to use it

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Have you ever had a sprouting or are you wondering if it is worth buying it? Let's see together how it works and on what occasions it can be a useful gadget. We are in the sector offood self-production, let's find out if it's right for us.

Sprouter: what it is

If we want to imagine what it is, we are talking about a de facto container which can be both plastic and terracotta, the important thing is that it has space to let us store the seeds to sprout.

One of these containers can be used for different types of sprouts, you don't need a different one every time. There are those who use it for those of clover, soy, rocket, and those who add it azuki beans, mung bean sprouts, alfalfa and much more. The good thing is that you don't need to be an expert grower or have a green thumb to use a sprouting that doesn't even take up a large space.

Nothing has to do with a greenhouse to do food self-production, here we are on another scale and we do not grow fruit and vegetables but sprouts, foods that are considered extremely valuable from a nutritional point of view, having a significant vitamin and mineral content. Despite being so nutritiously valuable, sprouts don't cost that much, so buy one sprouting it is an economical way to fill up on health.

You can try and see how it goes, if you like it, if you like it. The advantages are clear: it takes up little space, kidney well in terms of shoots and is not at all difficult to use. Of course you can live without it sprouting, perhaps opting for other home sprouting procedures, such as the jar method or the dish with gauze.

Sprouter: how to use it

You have decided to give the sprouting? Well, then let's see in practice how to make the most of it. We soak the sprouts for one night, wait for the next morning to place them on sprouting which should be positioned not in harmony with our furniture but in a place where it receives light but where the sun's rays do not hit it too directly. If you have a piece of furniture near the window, or directly the windowsill, they are fine, the important thing is that there is no radiator underneath that it would damage sprouting.

To inaugurate ours sprouting let's take some clover sprouts and see how to proceed day by day. The first is that of laying, in which we put the sprouts in their place, taking care not to overdo it with water but to always leave them moist. The amount of water required it can vary from shoot to shoot, in our case we can use a sprayer in the evening of the first day to avoid the risk of molding our clover.

In the night between the first and the second day, the seeds most likely split and are now starting to sprout. The second day we can therefore increase the doses of water but only slightly, providing our clover with a cup of coffee in the morning and one in the evening. Beware of always drain the water which gradually accumulates in the lower basin to avoid stagnation, instead of throwing it away, however, let's keep it to water other plants as it is rich in mineral salts and vitamins.

Arrived on the third day finally in ours sprouting we will see something green: the clover sprouts are sprouting! You can look at them with satisfaction but also noting that not all develop in the same way, usually those on the top shelf, therefore the more exposed to light, they grow faster. Nothing serious, just reverse the position of the various shelves every now and then.

During the warm months just when these shoots begin to appear, are attacked by insects, which is why it will be very useful to protect them with a small gauze that wards off intruders without suffocating our clover.

The fourth day is the day of patience, because you will see the ready sprouts but it will not yet be time to grasp and use them. Taste them and wait for the fifth day when they are officially ready.

Now we can taste them, they are usually eaten raw, they are good and they are rich in nutritional properties that do not remain the same when cooked. THE clover sprouts they can be inserted in salads or sprinkled on a bruschetta, we can use them to "season" a slice of buttered bread or to flavor a soup. Use them as you think, even with a little imagination, but use them on the fifth day, removing them in time from sprouting because from the sixth day onwards the sprouts can continue to grow but they lose the nutrients and also become inedible.

It is not difficult, just organize yourself to consume them in various ways taking into account that they can be stored another 4/5 days in the refrigerator. Don't try to freeze them, however, because it is not necessary since their properties are intact even outside the germinator.

Sprouter: electric

If you are interested in experiencing the sprouts and the related seed kits, you can also buy one online, conveniently on Amazon. I recommend this automatic, Green, 25.4 x 25.4 x 36.6 cm from 149 euros.

Sprouter: professional

Alternatively you can try this 39 euro terracotta model, always available on Amazon.

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