Leptin and obesity

Leptin and obesity

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There leptin it is a hormone, it comes into play in various mechanisms that are quite complex to illustrate and we can hear it mentioned when it comes to cures against obesity. There is also a real one leptin diet that we will get to know, always premising that before starting any new diet it is good to contact a specialist without being blinded by often "exaggerated" promises.

Leptin: what it is

We are talking about a hormone which is produced at the level of the white adipose tissue, above all, and which is then transported by the blood to the target organs. Its receptors are located inside the brain, above all, and to be precise, they are located in the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is an area of ​​the brain that belongs to the central nervous system and has a very important role, it is involved in various processes including that of weight control, but not only. The hypothalamus also affects the regulation of body temperature and the sense of hunger, thirst and cold.

The term derives from the Greek "Leptos" which means thin. This small hormone has a protein nature and was discovered in 1994 by Friedman, is involved in the regulation of lipid metabolism and energy consumption and is encoded by the obesity (OB) gene. It has a molecular weight of 16 KDa.

High leptin

When leptin was discovered, it was the moment in which the certainty of the existence of a communication channel between adipose tissue and the brain, a communication channel mainly focused on the process of regulation of the accumulation of fat in adipocytes. Let's see how it works and what having high leptin entails.

When the lipid reserves increase, the white fat cells accelerate the synthesis of leptin so that the hypothalamus perceives the need for reduce food intake. High leptin therefore has an anorectic effect, that is, it leads to a decrease in the sense of hunger and, at the same time, leads to an increase in energy expenditure. Thus it promotes weight loss and the reduction of fat mass.

Conversely, when the adipose reserves decrease, the white fat cells reduce the synthesis of leptin and the hypothalamus "understands" that it is necessary to take in more food and reduce energy expenditure.

In a normal, healthy and normal weight situation, i leptin levels they increase after a meal and decrease in prolonged fasting. In general, they turn out to be proportional to the fat mass present in the body, so they are greater in the obese and less in thin people.

We saw it as a high level of this hormone affects the feeling of hunger, but there are other biological functions that are affected. Here is a brief indicative list: thyroid activity, hematopoiesis, the immunological and reproductive systems, bone formation.

Leptin and obesity

We are talking about a hormone that affects the sense of hunger, so it is clear that there are connections with problem of obesity, connections that several studies have investigated. Studies have been done on mice, noting that some specimens lacking the obesity gene, therefore unable to produce leptin, become obese, as do those with defective receptors for the hormone.

In fact, however, the total efficacy of leptin has never been proven in treatment of obesity human although obese people have been observed to have elevated plasma concentrations of leptin. However, the mechanism seems to be more complex and does not directly concern the level of leptin but the resistance shown by some subjects to the action of this appetite modulator.

Obese people would therefore have gods hypothalamic receptors insensitive to the action of the hormone, therefore, in the case of high levels of leptin, they are unable to understand the food abstinence message. What happens? That when an obese gets fat, the leptin stimulus is "ignored", while when an obese tries to lose weight, the hypothalamus feels that the letpine levels drop and pushes the individual to search for food.

Leptin: supplement

There are many on the market leptin-based supplements, body builders use it extensively to get a more sculpted body. These are products to be approached with prudent skepticism, I think it is better to consult a doctor before taking them.

There are also gods "Natural supplements" of leptin or better than the recommended foods. Here are a few including complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread and pasta, quinoa, brown rice but also lentils and beans. Also excellent green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, kale and spinach and i foods containing omega-3s then fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring, anchovies and sardines. Fruit is also appreciated, the one that contains a greater amount of fiber such as raspberries, pears and apples with peel and banana.

Leptin diet

We mentioned the leptin diet in the introduction, let's see briefly what it is, just for the record and not to recommend it. It is a diet that prescribes only three meals in the day and, to be precise, a breakfast strictly 12 hours after dinner and interspersed, in the middle, at exactly 6 hours, from lunch. No snacks between meals. As for the recommended foods, we mentioned many in the previous paragraph, to them we add tomatoes, eggs, yogurt, dried fruit, lemons and grapefruit which seem to stimulate letpina.

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