Aphthae on the tongue: causes and natural remedies

Aphthae on the tongue: causes and natural remedies

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If you have ever had any canker sores on the tongue you know how annoying and painful they are. Whenever you eat or drink it is torture, it is enough for the tongue to come into contact with the teeth to suffer. Let's see what are the causes of their appearance but above all i natural remedies to heal with. They are also linked to our diet, so there will be advice on anti canker sores diet.

Aphthae on the tongue: what are they

Aphthae occur as one sort of boil which measures a few millimeters but which over time turns into a sore. They are a real open ulcer on the tongue, let's not be fooled by the fact that they only measure between 2 and 5 millimeters, they are very painful. Usually the plague it doesn't open right away, only after a couple of days, and in turn it can last up to two weeks before disappearing.

These small lesions manifest themselves on the dorsal lingual surface, lower and / or lateral, in people of any age, both male and female, although women and adolescents would appear to be the most affected. The good thing is that they are not contagious, they cannot be transmitted from one individual to another through contact.

Aphthae on the tongue: causes

Tongue canker sores can appear for several reasons, here are the main ones. It could happen due to a compromised or weak immune system that makes the epithelium of the mouth too sensitive to bacterial attack, even a bad diet can cause the appearance of these sores and by bad nutrition we mean both diet low in folate and B-complex vitamins it is a generally unbalanced diet that overloads the stomach and liver.

Even intestinal dysbiosis with constipation it can cause canker sores or the ingestion of too hot food. Let us also remember to brush our teeth well if we do not want to suffer because even poor oral hygiene can be at the origin of these annoying injuries.

Aphthae on the tongue natural remedies

There are numerous natural remedies to treat this problem before we give up on drugs. As the stage of development in which the disease is found varies, the treatment strategies.

Originally each aphtha is only one small sore spot which can appear on the surface or sides of the tongue, as it becomes a pimple and will also begin to become whitish in the center. At that point, in a short time, it will become a real lesion, small but definitely annoying. This is the so-called acute phase, the most annoying moment even if in fact it is the closest to recovery.

Stage by stage, let's see what the remedies best suited to achieve healing.

With aphta still closed, we can proceed with some mouth rinses, we can choose between lemon, vinegar or bicarbonate. The first two can be a valid remedy even when the aphta is open and has become an ulcer but, as you will imagine, they are quite painful. The bicarbonate instead it is exclusively suitable for treating closed canker sores, because even diluted in water it is too aggressive and would burn exposed mucous membranes.

Let's move on to the phase in which the sore is already open, the one in which remedies are needed that heal the lesion but at the same time disinfect the mouth. Let's see what we can count on. Ontea tree essential oil and on that of geranium, for example, both excellent, to be dissolved in a glass of warm water and used as a mouthwash. To be applied directly to the sore, there is the aloe gel that cools, heals and helps regenerate torn tissues.

For the scarring ventilated green clay can also be useful. It is a substance that must be dissolved in half a liter of still water and then used to rinse the mouth after each meal. The clay has disinfectant and bactericidal power.

Beyond the phase in which we are, we can also act on the spirit because often these canker sores are manifestations of a persistent state of stress. It is therefore necessary to stop and think about how to manage one's emotional states. In these circumstances, meditation can come in handy mindfulness, breathing exercises, yoga.

Aphthae on the tongue: nutrition

As I mentioned immediately, canker sores are also fought with one Proper nutrition, let's see in what sense "correct".

In general, what you should try to do is to lighten the work of the stomach by preferring fresh and light foods such as seasonal vegetables and whole grains. On the contrary, we avoid spices and foods that are too hot. If there is intestinal dysbiosis at the origin of canker sores, it must be done immediately rebalance the diet. In addition to eating lighter, it will also be necessary to take food supplements that allow to regularize the transit. An example can be miso, rich in ferments that allow you to heal the situation imbalance of the intestine and stomach.

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