Sowing chili pepper: how to do it and when

Sowing chili pepper: how to do it and when

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There sowing of chilli involves practices very similar to those of sowing sweet pepper, it is important to carefully evaluate the period in which to carry it out and it cannot be improvised. Even beginners can do it but as long as they are very well informed because the correct time is not always the same for all varieties and, for chilli, there are many.

Even with these complexities, we can confidently say that i hot peppers they are a very widespread crop, we find them both in pots and in the garden, everyone can choose those of the color and spiciness which he prefers, also depending on the climate in which he lives, as we shall see.

When choosing the period of the sowing of chilli the goal is to ensure that our plant finds sufficient summer heat to allow it to mature. This must be specified, even if we live in a country with a rather hot climate and where the sun is not shy, because there are particularly spicy varieties of chilli peppers that have tropical origins and are therefore used to very high temperatures.

If we find ourselves having to deal with chili Peppers of this type, we must take into account that they need a lot of heat, so it is better to use a heated seedbed which, moreover, even in other cases, can be used to anticipate growth compared to what the Italian climate would allow.

Chili pepper sowing: when

Before going to indicate the best time for the sowing of chilli it is necessary to understand the characteristics of the specific plant that we want to introduce in our garden or grow in pots. It is also important to know the climate of the area in which we live well in order to assess whether the variety we have chosen is right for us.

If you want to "cheat" on the sowing period, you can use a growbox that gives us the opportunity to develop and grow the plants in a protected way, thus leaving us free choice on the period. At this point even the winter months are suitable for the sowing of chilli.

In general I chili can be categorized as one plant suitable for climates similar to equatorial ones, therefore accustomed to altitudes different from ours even if the chilli peppers that are grown in the southern areas are well known in Italy. Just think of those from Calabria and many other varieties scattered throughout Southern Italy.

The sowing period for chilli peppers can vary within the first four months, it can fall in the months between January and April. If you decide to proceed in January or February it will then be mandatory to wait a long time to transplant the seedlings because the temperature will have to stably exceed 15 degrees, even at night. In this case it is therefore essential to have one available growbox in which to store each plant that will remain in pot for a few months.

It might therefore be better to have a little patience and wait until March. On the other hand, if you go until April, you risk slipping too far with the maturation times that are not short, because the chili pepper needs a long period of sunshine.

Sowing of chili and Luna

As with many other fruit vegetables, the hot pepper it would be sown in a growing moon phase which, according to common peasant beliefs, favors vegetative development and fruiting. There is no scientific evidence for this but many prefer not to disobey. It should also be noted that, if we go to grow chillies indoors, it doesn't make much sense to go and look at the phases of the moon.

Chili pepper sowing: how to do it

You can choose the method by which to proceed for sowing, in any case it is a rather trivial practice that we can learn even if we are not great garden experts. If we have already tried to sow a sweet pepper, we are on horseback, because the procedures are very similar.

If we sow in pots, let's get honeycomb containers by filling them with a mix of soil and earthworm humus, without exaggerating, to help the Bud to root. We place the seed in the earth, but not more than one centimeter deep. At this point all that remains is to wait, watering very gently every day so that the seed is not damaged. If possible, we make sure that the temperature is always around 20 degrees.

The other method for the sowing of chilli it is that of the paper towel, in this case the seed is "visible" so we can see the sprout that, day after day, sprouts and grows. It usually takes a week or two for the seeds to germinate but it depends on the variety we have chosen. In some cases there are seeds that have a very rigid integument that encloses them and for this reason they struggle to be born.

Chili pepper sowing and cultivation

Once the sprout has sprung up, we are only at the beginning. We continue to cultivate! It is better if we do it with natural methods, according tobiological agriculture. Let's focus on indoor cultivation which is the most interesting because it allows us to care about the seasons and to sow even in cold months. If we grow indoors we can control the temperature, humidity and light to which the plant is subjected, practically recreating the environment it would have around it if it were in its countries of origin, the tropical / equatorial ones.

To allow this, it is necessary to heat with a heating mat our seedbed to ensure the right temperature. As the seedlings grow, the first leaves will sprout, it will become necessary to illuminate the environment with the so-called "growbox", a real box with internal light and heating in which to store the plants until it is time to transplant them indoors. 'external.

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