How to build an arch

How to build an arch

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How to build an arch: Step-by-step instructions for making a DIY bow from easy-to-find items. The wooden arch is the easiest to build and also the most coveted, here's how to do it and what you need.

Are you looking for clear and simple instructions on how to build an arch? Well, we are here to support you in your desire ... as long as you use what is a real weapon for non-offensive purposes!

How to build a wooden arch

For build a wooden archFirst, you need a piece of wood about 1.5 meters long, dry (but not dry!), free of knots, protrusions, folds.

What wood to use for build an arch? Basically, this piece of wood it will have to be thicker in the central part and, above all, it should be flexible enough, like the branches of juniper or mulberry. We advise you NOT to use a branch cut from trees or bushes, both because doing so would harm the plant, and because dry branches are more effective.

Then start with shaping the bow: you have to use a knife to remove the parts that do not bend, making sure that the bow remains stronger at the height of the handle, and that it reaches the desired flexibility. Speaking of knife, use it for too engrave notches starting from one side, so that they go towards the "belly" and towards the handle. The notches should be about 2.5 to 5 centimeters from each end.

Use a sharp knife and use cut-resistant gloves. At this stage, try to take any precautions to ensure your safety. If you are having difficulty, get help from someone who already knows how to work with wood. An expert could show you how to bend wood without the need for carving.

Bow string, which one to use?

At this point you have to choose the right one string for your bow. It should be an inelastic string, considering that - contrary to what many think - the power of the bow is given by the wood, and not so much by the string. If you are not in a position to be able to buy one on the market, in a specialized shop, you can still use nylon or hemp ropes, or twine, or fishing, cotton or silk threads.

Insert the string and make a fairly loose loop, to close tightly at the ends, and thread it into the ends of the bow limbs. Consider the fact that the string must be slightly more string than the bow, so that the limbs (the extreme parts of the wood) remain taut.

At this point, "try" to stress your bow. Hang the bow from a branch, or something solid enough, and pull the string down. This will help you figure out if the limbs are actually bending the same way, or not. It may be necessary to re-work on the wood again, eliminating the excess.

Always gradually, pull the rope more and more, until you are able to cover the distance between the hand and the jaw with medium effort, extending the arm outwards.

Tips for building a DIY arch

At this point, let's share a few tips for building a bow and to better manage your creation.

First, remember that the above directions will certainly not serve you in order to build a professional bow! The arch that you can make by following the steps we have summarized above is in fact amateur, and will not last long. Depending on the frequency of use and the way you are treating it, it could last from a few weeks to a few months.

When you realize that the bow is no longer effective, proceed to replace it, following the instructions we have already shared.

However, also remember that the fact that these are instructions to be able to make an arch amateur, certainly does not mean that this arch cannot be a rather harmful weapon. So, always be very careful when you use bow and arrows, never point them at any person and, above all, if you are shooting in company, wait until everyone has finished shooting before retrieving your arrows.

What if you fail in your attempt to build an arch? Don't be afraid, because it's not easy at all! Take another piece of dry branch and try again, or you can take a look at thearcheson the market. On "this Amazon page" you will find a large number of proposals. Some refer tohandcrafted wooden arches, others, more manageable, are in carbon fiber… without neglecting a good onearchfor children that can be bought with a few tens of euros.

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