European eagle owl, all the info

European eagle owl, all the info

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European eagle owl: characteristics, price and how to breed it. The use of the eagle owl in hunting.

Theeagle owl, of the speciesBubo bubo, it is the largest raptor and it is also the only onenocturnal bird of preyusable for thehunting.

Numerous subspecies of the eagle owl are identified. Not to be formal, and not to follow onetaxonomy "Severe" we say that when we talk aboutEuropean eagle owls, those most bred in captivity are the subspecies:

  • Bubo bubo bubo
  • B. bubo sibiricus (northern subspecies, larger)
  • B. b. turcomanus (smaller and lighter in plumage)
  • subspecies B. bubo omissus

Generally these subspecies are indicated with the generic nameEuropean eagle owl. This raptor is present in Italy in the alpine forests and also in various mountainous areas.


The eagle owl it nests in the first months of the year. Typically thenestit is built between March and April. Where does the owl make its nest? The nest is made in holes in rocks, in holes in the ground, in old buildings, in tree hollows or in bushes. Often the owlit does not disdain the nests abandoned by other birds without bothering to restore them.

Theeuropean eagle owlreaches sexual maturity around the age of two. In case ofbreedingwithbreeding in captivity, it is necessary to emphasize that often the formerbroodsuccessful reaches the third year. For the first reproductive cycle it is possible to have to wait even the third year of life.

Hunting and training

It is the only species of nocturnal bird of prey that can be used to attempt the hunting Lagomorphs namely the hunting forHares, Rabbits and Sylvanians. Typically, for thehunting lagomorphsAston is preferred.

A lot of space is needed for owl training. The owl is a sturdy, resistant animal and for this reason it can be attractive to newbies, however, its exaggerated size makes it very needy of care: magic a lot and takes a lot of space.


There breeding in captivityit's pretty easy: you need a huge aviary. In the third year of life, the first reproductive cycle can occur. The ideal period falls in March.

How many eggs to nest?
2 or 3 eggs can be laid per brood, unless techniques are usedreproductionmore advanced. Following fertility programs, the eagle owlit can double or triple the eggs obtainable in a reproductive cycle.

European eagle owl: price

Thecost of the eagle owlhas increased in recent times. His popularity exploded with the filmHarry Potter,although in the film theowlin question was asnowy owl. How much? The price of the european eagle owlit goes from 300 to 600 euros.

Another factor not to be underestimated does not concern thecostpurchase ofeuropean eagle owlbut its maintenance. Between accommodation, veterinary checks and food, the overall expenditure can be quite high.

TheEuropean eagle owl is a protected species

The European eagle owl, once hunted by man, is now one protected species and it seems in danger of extinction. It's about aprotected species throughout Europe. Its distribution area is in fact shrinking and the young often fall victim to the high voltage wires. In Italy, theeuropean eagle owlit cannot be hunted, it cannotdisturb in any way, nor capture it. Its transport is prohibited, even the transport of its carcass or tampering with the nest. For this legislation, if you are thinking ofbuy an eagle owl, make sure of its origin. Eagle owls can only be bought if born in captivity. When you buy it, please make sure it has thecites, the essential identification document for current legislation.

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What are the most bred eagle owls?

Let's start with him, from european eagle owl. It is typical of Europe and Central Asia. Is the biggesteagle owlknown with wingspans that, in the largest specimens, can touch two meters in width!

African eagle owl

TheAfrican eagle owlit differs for a plumage with more contrasting colors and for a lower weight and dimensions. It is easier toto breedcompared toeuropean eagle owl, however, theAfrican eagle owlit does not adapt well to the harsh climate, so in Italy it can only be bred in areas where the winter is particularly mild.

Virginian eagle owl

It is native to the Americas, in size and plumage it is similar toAfrican eagle owl, the difference is that thiseagle owlit has no climatic problems and can be bred more easily in our territory.

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