Greek yogurt: recipe for making it at home

Greek yogurt: recipe for making it at home

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Homemade Greek yogurt: recipeto make Greek yogurt without yogurt maker. The perfect tips to get a more or less dense result, according to your tastes.

The homemade yogurt it is a healthy and delicious food and ... it could be what you need to enrich a good snack, perhaps combining it with fresh fruit, dried fruit or honey. Loved by all women who want to have a delicious product but without weighing down their body, it is easily achievable even at home. But how?

How to make homemade Greek yogurt with yogurt

Let's start immediately with the good news: as we have already had the opportunity to anticipate, make Greek yogurt at home it's really very simple, and you won't even need a yogurt maker (recipe without yoghurt maker).

Not only that: the recipe is even simpler if, as we suggest in this very first phase of our in-depth study, you use packaged yogurt to take advantage of "starter" lactic ferments, otherwise you'll have to buy them at the pharmacy. You can also prepare a yogurt starting from milk, with no added enzymes, but the result will be a little different from the classic yogurt you are used to. Having clarified the above, let's break all delay and start the recipe!

  1. We take a medium-sized bowl in our hands, placing a metal colander with fine meshes on it. Line the colander with gauze: if you prefer, you can also use a naturally clean white tea towel which will make an even stronger filter.
  2. When doing this, be careful that the strainer does not touch the bottom of the bowl, as this is where the serum will be collected.
  3. If you have carefully prepared the tool we have had the opportunity to propose above, pour 500 grams of low-fat white yogurt, which you bought in a cheap way, and let it drain for at least 2 hours (not to exceed 4-5 hours).
  4. Remember that the greater the number of hours of pouring, the greater will be the level of firmness of the yogurt. For onecreamy yogurtand with a very dense consistency, it increases the hours of dripping.
  5. Once you have let the necessary time pass for you to make your own yogurt, lift the gauze (or the cloth if you preferred to use a cloth instead). When doing this, make sure that when you remove the filter from the strainer, the yogurt obtained with the poured whey is not touched.

You just finished prepare Greek yogurt: it will in fact be what you collected in the towel! You can use it by mixing it with fresh seasonal fruit, in large pieces, or with a teaspoon of honey.

Please note: loGreek yogurt it is more concentrated and compact than traditional yogurt, so don't be in a hurry in the pouring phase.

Sweet or salty Greek yogurt

You can also add nuts or other dried fruit to enhance the flavors. In any case, if you are looking for recipes for Greek yogurt, just do a quick Google search: you will find hundreds of variations that you can experiment with day after day! For the savory versions, just add chopped chives and other spices to taste.

How to make Greek yogurt at home from milk

If you don't prefer buy packaged yogurt, but want to take it a step further, you are probably looking for one recipe for making Greek yogurt at home starting from milk. The recipe is obviously a bit longer, but it is not much more complicated anyway. Take a liter of whole milk and pour it into a saucepan.

Then light a medium flame and turn off as soon as the milk begins to boil, eliminating the film that will form on the surface. The milk must reach a temperature between 38 and 40 degrees.

But how to realize that the milk has reached this temperature?
The simplest and least risky way is to use a specific one kitchen thermometer. However, if you don't have a cooking thermometer, try soaking - with caution! - a finger: generally the heat will be bearable, even if after a few moments you will feel hot.

However, our suggestion is to make an investment of a few euros and find the thermometer for the pots: you will certainly need it in many other future recipes. Once you feel the milk has reached the right temperature, take two tablespoons of plain yogurt without dyes. Pour the mixture you have thus obtained into a glass container that is hermetically sealed, and wrap everything in a rather thick cloth.

Everything must be kept in a warm place: if you have any doubts, just turn on the oven, put it to heat for about a minute and then turn it off, leaving it with the light on. At this point we can introduce our container. Leave the container in this condition for at least 6 - 8 hours. At this point it is homemade yogurt it may well be said to be ready, and you can proceed to pour it following the instructions that we have summarized a few lines ago.

Greek yogurt

Small curiosity: loGreek yogurtit is also called "cast" because of its Working process: because it is filtered for a long time to eliminate a part of the whey which is the most aqueous element. For traditional preparation, a muslin cloth is generally used.

The muslin cloth is a traditional dishcloth, it is made of natural fiber and is very tightly meshed just to get one thick, low-fat Greek yogurt(if you are preparing it from wasted milk or low-fat yogurt). It can be purchased in catering supply stores or by taking advantage of online sales. On Amazon, a large muslin cloth (114 x 114 cm) can be bought at a price of € 7.89 with free shipping.

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