Smart City 2019: People, Technology & Materials

Smart City 2019: People, Technology & Materials

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We are right at the big moment: the Digital Week, one of the most important and popular events of the year, will start today together with the third edition of the exhibition-event "Smart City 2019: People, Technology and Materials", Conceived and organized by Material ConneXion® Italia, curated by Architect Giulio Ceppi and sponsored by the Municipality of Milan, the Lombardy Region and Assolombarda.

Smart City: People, Technology and Materials - objectives and contents of the 2019 edition

The exhibition intends to stimulate ideas and debates on the guiding theme of "via latina to the smart city”: A Smart City that is a system of relationships that produces value, where technology is an instrument of symbiosis and empathy.

The concept of the exhibition developed from the analysis of the most significant changes that are affecting our daily life. In a constantly changing urban scenario, how do citizens' needs evolve? Are we digital citizens increasingly connected and aware of the global challenges we share? Starting from these questions “Smart City: People, Technology
& Materials ”offers opportunities for reflections on the issues of urban innovation, telematic connectivity, inclusive city, technological solutions that improve the quality of everyday life, circular economy and new intra and interurban mobility.

In addition to case histories, experiences or projects presented by partner companies, the exhibition will be accompanied by a rich program of round tables, seminars, workshops, conferences and events. The period of the two Milanese Weeks will represent the moment of greater attention, of high number of visitors and concentration of events and debates. In the intermediate period, the exhibition will experience targeted and ad hoc events also with the collaboration of the various partners and exhibitors present.

Where Smart City takes place: People, Technology and Materials

The exhibition-event will be held in Milan, in the Tortona area, in the Superstudio 13 spaces of Via Bugatti 9 and Via Forcella 13.

The partnership with the Growth Festival

Partner of the 2019 edition is the Growth Festival which will contribute to Smart City by bringing new visions and projects in the dialogue between the various innovation actors with interventions dedicated to "growth and innovation".

The Kyoto Club will also contribute to the Growth Festival, which will stimulate proposals and intervention policies on issues related to climate change, smart financing, energy efficiency and
to sustainable mobility.

Below you will find a preview of the program of the event that will always be held Wednesday 13 March 2019 at Superstudio 13 in Via Bugatti 9:

How to participate in the Growth Festival

Participation in the Growth Festival is free by registering on the official website of the event:

IdeeGreen among the media partners of the event

Our company IdeeGreen Srl Società Benefit will be among the media partners of the event together with other important companies in the sector including Abitare, Archiproducts, Energia Media, LifeGate, Renewable Matter, QualEnergia, Triwù and Zest.

Material ConneXion®: creators and organizers of the event

Material ConneXion is the most important international research and consultancy network on innovative and sustainable materials with offices in New York, Milan, Tokyo, Bangkok, Daegu, Skövde, Bilbao, Copenhagen and Hong Kong. Material ConneXion® Italia, of which Rodrigo Rodriquez is President, has been carrying out consulting, promotion and training activities for the corporate world in the field of innovation, materials and sustainability since 2002. In its Milan office it houses a physical library of over 5000 materials from all over the world.

More information on the official website:

Video: Mazda3 Smart Brake Support Front u0026 Rear - Park Mazda (May 2022).


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