How to make curly hair

How to make curly hair

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How to make curly hairtaking advantage of very effective DIY methods, toowithout straightener or curling iron. Natural ways to have perfect curls.

You don't have the curly hair but would you so much like to have a more lively hair? Lucky for you, we're here to share with you how to make curly hair and ... succeed in a very simple way, avoiding that a straightener and hairdryer can damage your hair.

Therefore, take a few minutes of your time to try to understand how to achieve a perfect rich hair with these easy methods that you can recreate at any time at home, with a little patience and a lot of creativity!

After seeinghow to straighten hair without a straightener, let's move on to those who, on the other hand, have straight or wavy hair and want themcurl up. So, how to go aboutcurl your hair? Here are some tricks.

Torchon for curly hair

The first method we want to suggest to you in order to have curly hair is that of use torchon. But how is it done?

After washing your hair, proceed to eliminate excess moisture by dabbing it with a towel. Next, proceed to apply a volumizing product that is not too heavy: you can find many on the market, suitable for all needs and budgets (but try not to focus excessively on savings, because the risk of buying some poor product is unfortunately very high!).

At this point, divide the hair into small locks that you can go and roll on themselves, until you make many twists. All you have to do is fix the torchon on your head with the help of hairpins or hair ties, and keep everything in style for at least 5 hours. And if you have all night at your disposal, why don't you try to sleep on it? When you wake up you can free your hair and observe the curls created in this way!
To better understand how, we leave you a video at the end of the page.

How to make curly hair with toilet paper rolls

The second method, very similar to the first, involves the use of toilet paper. The simplicity of this procedure makes it a favorite to be able to get curls effortlessly and without stressing the hair, but it is also true that the times to achieve the results you are probably imagining are not the shortest. How to do?

Get some toilet paper and cut strips that are long and strong enough not to tear at the first tension they will likely be subjected to. At this, wash your hair and then remove excess moisture with a towel. Divide the hair into various locks and starting from the bottom start rolling them on toilet paper.

Once you get to the top you can tie everything together and then hold it in place for a whole night. The next morning, when you wake up, you should be able to admire so many curls flowing from your head!

Use the headband for curly hair

Another particularly simple method, and a little faster than the alternatives we have been able to share with you above, is that of the band.

Get one headband, of those that you can easily find on the market, and - contrary to what we have seen for the first two methods above - do not wash the hair, but act on dry and untangled hair. Place the headband over your forehead, keeping your hair loose underneath. Proceed therefore, starting from one side of the hair, to roll the hair strand by strand around the band.

Once you are done, you can not help but wait a few hours before admiring the desired results.

DIY curly hair with straws

Finally, we conclude with the last method, that of straws. It is a method quite similar to the previous ones, but contrary to what we have already stated, in this case you will be able to obtain thinner and more defined curls.

Everything you need to get this result will be some drinking straw, of those you can commonly use to drink soft drinks. Work on damp hair (just wash it and then pat it dry with a towel to remove excess moisture from the head) and then divide the hair into locks.

At this point, start from the forehead and start rolling them on a straw. When you reach the top, fold one end of the straw so that it can join the other, and fix it all together with a hair elastic. Leave on for at least 4-5 hours before dissolving. By releasing your hair you should realize that you have obtained particularly defined curls, and tighter than those obtained with the previous methods.

Video: How To Curl Your Hair! (June 2022).