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All the info on the raccoon, where to find it and its natural habitat. What washes the raccoon and various curiosities.

L'raccoonit is a medium-sized mammal, it is native to North America and is the largest specimen of the Procyonidae family. Its dimensions are between 9 40 and 80 cm, excluding the tail which can measure up to 40 cm. Its scientific name is Procyon lotor, also known asraccoon.

Theraccoonsthey are famous for their intelligence and great skills. They are among the most studied mammals. The front legs are extremely skilled so that they allow the manipulation of objects.

What was the raccoon wash?

What washes the raccoon? That is, because the raccoon it's called ownwasher? Does it really wash anything? Yes. If you are wondering, what washes the raccoon the answer is… food!

The name "raccoon"Is linked to the typical behavior of this species. The raccoon uses the water of streams or grass to clean food. In practice, theraccoonfirmly grabs the food with its front paws (which look like little hands) and then rubs it in the water or on the damp grass! From this behavior comes the nameraccoon.

What do raccoons eat?

The raccoon has nocturnal food habits, it is omnivorous: its diet can be summarized as follows:

  • 33% plants and fruits
  • 27% vertebrates
  • 40% invertebrates

His circulatory system is very intriguing about raccoons and in particular the ability to manipulate them. It is not known why there are no negative effects on the tactile perception of the legs, even when theraccoonkeeps them in cold water for hours (even at temperatures below 10 ° C).

Being a purely nocturnal animal, iliraccooncannot distinguish colors.

Raccoon in Italy

THEraccoonsare there in Italy? L'raccoonsees a very dense range in southern Canada, in most of the United States, in Mexico and in part of Central America up to Panama.

In the geographical areas just mentioned, theraccoon is native. The raccoon has also been introduced in other locations around the globe such as France, Germany, Japan and some regions of the Caucasus.

According to some sightings, it would seem that the raccoon has crossed the Alps and then spread, with discretion, in some areas of Italy. In 2010, araccoonalong the course of the Adda in Cassano (province of Milan, in Lombardy).

* Update: in 2015 there was a real invasion ofraccoonson the banks of the Adda. The presence of the raccoon in Italy it is now a full-blown reality.

In its geographical areas of origin, theraccoonsthey see a very varied habitat. THEraccoonsthey have adapted very well to urban environments. Its natural habitat is given by deciduous forests, swamps, mountain areas ... The waterways are essential for the presence ofraccoon: it feeds on amphibians, crustaceans and other animals living in aquatic areas.

Domestic raccoon

There is no domestic raccoon. Raccoons are difficult if not impossible to "tame / breed". These are very wild animals that, in the home environment, would require continuous attention that goes far beyond the classic care to be given to dogs, cats or domestic rabbits.

Is it possible to buy a raccoon?
In 1996 the Decree of the Ministry of the Environment entered into force, introducing the list of so-called "dangerous animals". The species was also included in this list Procion lotor, for this reason, the sale of the raccoon was banned.

Raccoons, like many mammals, can become carriers of pathogens that are harmless to them but lethal to humans.

Since 1996, the Decree of the Ministry of the Environment has undergone several changes but the raccoons have not disappeared from the list. The sale of any species of the Procyonidae family (raccoons) isprohibited, like the sale of vipers or hyenas is also prohibited!

Can other wild animals be bought?
If the animals are not included in any prohibited list, yes, it is possible to buy wild animals but only if the animal in question has a CITES Certificate which certifies its origin and protects the health of the "owner".

How much does a raccoon cost?
On the web, unfortunately, there is no shortage of advertisements that see the sale of the raccoon with a cost of between 150 and 200 euros but make no reference to Italian legislation or to the possible presence of the CITES certificate. For this reason, it is better to be wary of online ads. Under no circumstances is it recommended to buy araccoonadult.

Where to see the raccoons?

In Lombardy there are several "detention centers" plus it is possible to see raccoons in the Casentinesi Forests National Park.

For further information: List of animal species that may constitute a danger to public health and safety and whose detention is prohibited.


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