Water-soluble Neem oil, the most effective for agriculture

Water-soluble Neem oil, the most effective for agriculture

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The Neem since ancient times it has always been considered an excellent home remedy, but did you know that it can also be used in agriculture as pesticide?

In agriculture theNeem oil is highly recommended in the fight against parasites because it is a non-toxic natural product that keeps away all harmful insects without however rejecting the beneficial ones such as, for example, bees.

In this regard, in today's article we talk about the benefits of using the Neem in agriculture and an innovative water-soluble formulation, Total Care, which thanks to its low cost and its simplicity of application, is ideal for both hobbyists and professionals.

Neem in agriculture: efficacy and safety

Totally safe and not harmful to humans, animals and earthworms, Neem oil is more effective than conventional pesticides as it is able to fight about 200 species of insects.

The advice I give you is to use Neem as soon as the first signs of infestation begin to be evident.

Neem in agriculture: not just azadirachtin

L'azadirachtin it is one of the active substances contained in the oil that is obtained by squeezing the seeds of Neem and is able to act on the larval stage of the parasite, on the adult parasite and on the plant.

Very often there are products on the market that contain simple azadirachtin extracts, but there are over 200 precious active compounds in Neem oil.

Neem oil does not harm bees and pollinators

Bees are responsible for 70% of world pollination and guarantee 35% of food production on the planet: it is therefore very important to preserve the health of these precious allies of the environment and crops.

The use of Neem oil will allow you to keep any parasites at bay without harming bees and pollinating insects.

Water-soluble Neem oil: maximum efficacy and safety

Thanks to the special formulation obtained after 5 years of study and experimentation with the Entomology and Agronomy Department of the University of Tamil Nadu in India, Total Care water-soluble Neem oil guarantees an optimal distribution and therefore a much higher efficacy than the home formulations of Neem added with emulsifiers.

Total Care Neem oil contains all 200 active ingredients of Neem and not just azadirachtin, furthermore the latter is contained in a greater quantity than the average (about 2700 ppm compared to the 500 ppm of cheaper products) thus allowing the produced greater effectiveness.

Total Care water-soluble neem oil: where it is produced

Neem Total Care oil sees its raw material born in India from a cooperative of producers in full compliance with the working conditions of employees and according to strict quality standards.

Total Care water-soluble Neem oil: how it is produced

To keep all the properties of Neem intact, Total Care it is obtained by cold extraction without any use of solvents.

Neem trees are grown in India by local farmers and not in monocultures, moreover each lot is traceable in such a way as to guarantee maximum control and quality of the raw material.

Water-soluble Neem oil: how to use

If you decide to try using Neem Total Care oil for your plants, it is important to know how to apply it properly in order to get the best results.

First of all I recommend that you apply the product to evening or early in the morning, this is because the sun's rays reduce the effectiveness of the product.

As for the doses of product to be applied, it is good to distinguish between "home" and "professional use".

In the first case, you just need to dilute 5-15 ml of Neem oil for each liter of water, in the second case, if you have to treat open field crops, cotton, corn and vegetables, you will have to use from 750 ml to 1500 ml per hectare.

If the area to be treated is occupied by trees and shrubs, you will need to apply 2-3 liters of product per hectare.

Insect infestations: not always the fault of the parasites

In healthy soil, plants can grow healthy and disease-free. Neem is a very valuable aid in case of ongoing infestations or high risk of infestations in epidemic areas, but the best way to prevent infestations is work on the soil, in order to create a stable and vital ecosystem capable of nourishing and defending all types of plants in a natural way.

The soil is a living organism, which needs a healthy one microbiology and a regular supply of quality organic matter. These conditions can be obtained more easily with the help of probiotics, like the Effective Microorganisms, which help restore a microbiological balance in the soil and promote the correct decomposition of the organic substance.

For more information onTotal Care Neem Oil and to buy online you can visit the official website of the Italian distributor by following this link.

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