What to eat before training

What to eat before training

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What to eat before training: useful nutrition recommendations for those who train. The foods to be taken based on the type of training and the quantities to be respected in order not to remain in reserve of energy!

It is now known to all how much a healthy and adequate diet positively affects the body ... and even those who engage in competitive activities know this well. Both before and after training, our body needs certain foods to be able to express itself at its best.

Nutrition plays an even more important role if training is done in the morning. It is obvious that the pre-workout breakfast has different needs than when you are not training. The same is true for lunch or for lunch if you decide to train in this time frame. At this point it is legitimate to ask: which foods to choose before training?

What to eat before training

Food is the fuel we need to have energy while doing a workout. If we eat too much we risk burdening the stomach and if we eat little we will immediately feel weak. It is important to get the right balance and drink enough water. The right diet for those who train is characterized by many aspects, which also include protein snacks and a pre-workout shake.

In any case, it is always good to talk about it with your personal trainer and doctor. Below you will find some basic information on pre-workout nutrition.

To choose what to eat before doing any type of physical activity, you need to consider the type of training and the intensity with which it will be performed. For example, if you are training simply to lose weight and therefore the energy expenditure is minimal, just opt ​​for a healthy diet.

If you are training to gain muscle mass and therefore energy expenditure is high, it is essential to take care of the reserves before starting. The body will need as much energy as it can get from foods that contain proteins, some fats and carbohydrates. For further information, we recommend reading the article "What to eat before going to the gym"

Carbohydrates, proteins and liquids

Generally, it is good to consume easy-to-digest carbohydrates before doing any type of workout. Bread, cereals, pasta, rice and some types of fruit and vegetables are ideal foods to ensure the necessary energy. It is preferable to take a mixture of simple and compound carbohydrates.

Banana is a perfect food before and after sports. It offers a high potassium content that replenishes the body with the minerals lost during physical activity. In addition, it contains carbohydrates, which provide the energy necessary for physical training.

Since they will work your muscles, it is also good to eat foods that contain proteins. This category includes foods such as ham, eggs, dairy products, etc. But be careful to calculate the time it takes to digest them before taking them.

At the same time, it is essential to stay well hydrated before, during and after any type of workout. Half a liter of water is the minimum requirement before performing physical activity.

The smoothies

You can also opt for natural juices or even better smoothies. They are an excellent option and are quick to prepare and you can also add very various ingredients to make them more nutritious and energizing. Well prepared and with the right ingredients, smoothies are a complete food rich in proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates, a perfect condition for preparing the body for physical activity.

When there is not much time, eating a slice of bread with jam is a quick and easy option to give the body the necessary energy. A cereal bar is also a good solution. It is preferable to choose one that is low in calories, free of artificial additives and containing grains, fruits and seeds.

Quick snacks before training

Here are some energy snacks to energize your body before starting training. Obviously, before taking any food you have to wait… .we will talk about this in the following paragraph.

  • A banana with a handful of dried raisins
  • A low-fat yogurt with cereals
  • A toast with cooked ham
  • A small omelette made only of egg whites and an apple
  • Fruit smoothie, with the addition of a spoonful of oat flakes

When to eat before training

Better to eat at least two hours before training, taking care to avoid heavy foods. As already mentioned, it is important to respect a balanced intake of carbohydrates, fibers and proteins by focusing on a mini snack of about 300-400 calories. From this combination we can obtain many possibilities of snacks, from salty to sweet ones,

If it is your custom to train an hour before a meal, focus on carbohydrates and proteins, for example with a yogurt with cereals, without exceeding about 200 calories.

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