How to cook bluefin tuna

How to cook bluefin tuna

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How to cook bluefin tuna: recipes to better enjoy the fine red tuna or red tuna meat. Tips in the kitchen and price per kg.

Blue fin tuna

The bluefin tunait lives in the Pacific, in the more temperate areas of the Atlantic and the Southern Black Sea, it also lives in the Mediterranean where it is considered one of the largest fish. Bluefin tuna (speciesThunnus thynnus) is often talked about for the huge specimens (giant tuna) caught and sold at auction even at prices exceeding one million euros. In short, thebluefin tunaorblue fin tunadrives everyone crazy: fishermen, amateurs and lovers of good food.

Please note: bluefin tuna, bluefin tuna or redfin tuna are synonymous. These names are used to indicate specimens of the Thunnus thynnus species. Sometimes there is also talk ofred tuna when the fish in question is a small cut specimen to be cooked whole.

Bluefin tuna price

Thecost per kgoffresh bluefin tunait can vary a lot. For us Italians, the most accessible bluefin tuna is that caught in the Mediterranean, often it is a “red tuna” and lends itself to a large number of preparation. The price? A kg of its meat, depending on the season and the supplier, can be paid from 15 to 40 euros. The finest blue fin tuna from Japan (with fatty meats) can be paid even more than 200 euros per kg.

How to cook bluefin tuna

The meat of the bluefin tuna is very valuable and lends itself well to a good number of preparation.How to cook bluefin tuna?To best enhance the flavor of its meat, theblue fin tunait should be eaten raw. Bluefin tuna tartare, sushi or sashimi are the favorite dishes. Those who do not like raw food can find different recipes.

So, how to cook bluefin tuna? The bluefin tuna can be cooked on the grill, in the oven, it can be marinated, used for first courses ... A red tuna can be cooked whole in the oven, otherwise the type ofrecipe it could also differ according to the cut of the tuna.

  • Tuna fillet
  • Tuna steaks
  • tuna belly
  • Bodano of tuna
  • Calcagnolo of tuna

For instructions onhow to cook bluefin tunaaccording to the cut, we invite you to read the in-depth article on how to cook tuna.

How to grill bluefin tuna

Abluefin tuna recipeclassic is that of grilled tuna. As stated, thebluefin tuna recipesthe best see raw preparations (bluefin tuna tartare, carpaccio, sashimi, sushi ...) but those who want "cooked" cannot help but consider the possibility of grilling blue fin tuna steaks. The reason? With the right combination, the flavor of the meat will be more than welcome!

Here's what you need:

  • 1/2 glass of orange juice
  • 2 tablespoons of soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • Ground black pepper
  • 4 red tuna steaks
  • sesame seeds and flax seeds
  • coarse salt

Before cooking, marinate thesteaks of bluefin tunain a solution given by soy sauce, orange juice, lemon juice and a grind of black pepper.

Heat up the BBQ grill or cast iron griddle. Avoid non-stick pans as they are not suitable for this cooking. Put coarse salt on the grill. After 40 minutes of marinating, take yourstuna steaksand, sideways, pass them in a mixture of desame seeds and flax seeds, it abounds because most of them will fall off during cooking. do cook the bluefin tuna steaks on the already hot grill. How much time? It depends on the thickness of your slice, it usually takes five to six minutes.

Cooking the bluefin tuna in a pan

Stewed cooking (or in a pan) gives a very different result from grilling. Also in this case you can perform a preliminary marinade, for cooking in the pan you can rely on the classic combinations and then add a little chopped parsley (fresh) and garlic. No whole garlic! Add the juice of a crushed garlic clove (you will need a garlic press like this one) directly into the pan.

You will also need to put the rest of the marinade juice in the pan. Cook for the first 6-7 minutes with the cap and then remove the cap towards the end of cooking to dry any superfluous liquids.

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